Cradle cap (or as I like to call it cradle crap) is a common baby rash that usually shows up around the time a baby is 3-5 weeks old. It seems to be a little more common in light skinned babies and in babies having more sensitive skin. It can start off as a red, bumpy rash that can be as low as the nipple line on the chest. The rash starts to progress upwards onto the face and then into the scalp. The rash on the face can look very red, bumpy, oily appearing and can even have some skin breakdown. The bumps on the scalp will then progress to flakes like dandruff. In its worse state there will be thick, greasy yellow flakes that cover the scalp. There can even be a crusty rash that can cause cracking behind the ears. There is not much that helps cradle cap except time. It usually last 2-8 weeks and ends up going away on its own. People will use baby oil and a toothbrush to remove the flakes and I have no problem with that at all. The only thing to remember is they will be back by the next day. If you see any cracking or bleeding or worsening redness or seepage from the skin let your doctor know. Some doctors will start using some Selsun Blue shampoo after the baby is about four months old, but most cases will have resolved before that time.