Wet-Stop 3 Pink Bedwetting Enuresis Alarm with Loud Sound and Strong Vibration for Boys or Girls Proven Solutions for Bedwetters

Experience the best design & function for dry nights!

Wet-Stop’s mission is to help your child stop bedwetting and achieve dry nights. Enuresis is curable with patience and the right tools. Wet-Stop products are designed by a board-certified pediatric urologist whose passion is helping parents conquer bedwetting. Knowing that poor bathroom habits at a young age can lead to issues later, now is the time to help your children succeed for a lifetime of better health.

How does a bedwetting alarm work?

Bedwetting alarms work to end bedwetting by helping to train the brain-bladder connection. When the bladder says it is full, the brain needs to learn to wake up the sleeper to use the toilet. Wet-Stop 3+ bedwetting alarm can help! An alarm that sounds with the first drops of urine helps the wearer learn to recognize and understand the signals his or her body is sending. Soon the child learns to respond to their body’s signals before the alarm is triggered! The problem most often occurs in children but can also happen in teens and adults.