Very informative and fun site to explore!  Not your normal / dry doctor advice site.  The Swimmer's Ear video helped me to realize that a doctor's office visit was necessary instead of something that could be treated at home.  The symptoms my teenager was having were exactly as those explained in the video.   I would much rather utilize the trusted advice of my kid's pediatrician than information obtained elsewhere.  I would recommend this site to parents of kids of any age!

Megan Guy, mother of energy draining 1.5 yr old and mentally draining 13 yr old

Love helpmommy!!! It's so helpful and great to have that help/advice any time you need it!

Ashley Kirby

I've already utilized this resource twice, which has more than paid for my membership!  Check it out!

Carrie Stewart provides real time, easily accessible information to parents seeking information to keep their children happy and healthy by bringing a wealth of resources to your fingertips.  Find coupons, informative videos available at any time of day, and helpful “hacks” to make the challenges of parenthood easier so you can focus on laughing and loving on the little blessings in your life!

Cindy Reiher–Registered Nurse and mom of 4