Parental overreaction is a common phenomenon that can lead to negative consequences for children. It can be defined as an extreme and disproportionate response to a child’s behavior or actions. It is often characterized by excessive criticism, punishment, and control of the child’s behavior. Parental overreaction can have long-term effects on the child’s self-esteem, sense of security, and relationships with family members. This “Mommy Minute” video will explore the causes of parental overreaction and discuss strategies for parents to help manage their reactions in a more constructive way.

Tips to curve parental overreacting:

  • Step 1: Reduce Cumulative stress
  • Step 2: Identify Your Triggers
  • Step 3: Learn the Internal Signs That You Are Becoming Upset
  • Step 4: When You Recognize Your Pattern, Pause and Name It with “Parts Language”
  • Step 5: Take Space to Take Care of Yourself
  • Step 6: Come Back to Your Child and Repair any Ruptures

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