Battery Powered Nasal Aspirator

Dr. James doesn’t always recommend specific products, but today he is sharing one he personally uses – a battery-powered booger sucker.

Also referred to as a nasal aspirator, Dr. James first heard of the new tool from a patient, and decided to test it on his own infant. Cut to three years later and his son is now sucking boogers out on his own!


From Dr. James –

So this is the best thing ever. This is a battery operated booger sucker. Now, I’d heard about this from one of my patients. And so when we found out that we were pregnant with our last little child, this was the very first thing that we went out and bought.

And this is how I got busted by my patients to find out that we were pregnant. Because I’m sitting there in Babies R US going through the aisles and we have this thing. And so we’re just looking at it. We’re like, oh, man, this thing is just so cool.

And my patients see us and then they’re like, why are you in Babies R us? Oh, you are? And they’re like, oh, yes, we’re busted. But this was so cool because we actually trained caden, my three year old, to do this himself.

So he will actually go through the house when he has a cold, sticking this up his nose, sucking his own boogers. But it’s the best thing. It was worth its weight in gold because any time I don’t have to suck boogers. Those are some valuable boogers.


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