Decisions to Make Before the Baby Arrives

It’s a good idea to decide some things before going to the hospital to have your baby. Make everyone’s life easier, prepare!

There are certain things that it is just better to decide with a brain that is rested and not on drugs.  Some decisions are better to make well before you get to the hospital because surprise, surprise the two of you might not agree on everything and it might take some discussion and compromise.

Its a good idea to have picked a pediatrician before you go to deliver the baby.  You are going to need someone to take them to after you leave and they might be the ones coming to the hospital to see them.  We have a video on how to pick a pediatrician:

You should decide if you are going to breast or bottle feed.  It’s important to know which so you can be prepared with he proper education in the case of breastfeeding and the right supplies in the case of bottle feeding.

A name is always a good idea.  It stresses me out when the baby is a couple days old and doesn’t have a name yet.  It took us weeks to come up with our name for our smallest baby and their was lots of compromise.

Natural childbirth or lots of drugs is important to discuss and talk about “outs” if they might become necessary.

Think ahead to baby pictures and choose a cute outfit for them to wear for some pictures, you will be taking a few of those.

Make a list of everyone you will need to contact.  It is very easy to get some hurt feelings.  They don’t understand that you are a little busy at the moment and just a little stressed out.

Finally bring a gift for the hospital staff.  Feeding them is the easiest, cheapest and will probably get you the best care.

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