Nursery Prep 101

What do you need to do for nursery prep? What four essentials do you need for your nursery? How to concentrate on getting your nursery ready for your newborn, all the do’s and don’ts of preparing for your baby.

Preparing a bedroom for your baby can be a great bonding experience for new parents or a huge pain in the butt.  There are several things that need to be done purely for a utilitarian aspect of getting ready for a baby.  You will need a baby bed.  Make sure it is a safe bed that can grow with and made safe as a baby grows and learns to stand up and try to climb.  We do not recommend bumper pads so save yourself some expense and time and just skip them.

You will need a plan of where you will change diapers and dress your baby.  Wherever you decide to have this happen make sure you have a place you can closely store diapers, wipes and cream so you can easily get to them while never letting go of your baby.  You will also need a place you can dispose of dirty diapers.

You will need some kind of storage to hold clothes and if you are anything like my wife, a lot of storage because that baby needs all kinds of cute outfits.

Baby monitors can be reassuring to  many parents so make sure that you have outlets in the right place so the monitor can pick up the baby’s sounds and be in a safe place.

Lighting is also important so you will have enough light to get things done but can also keep things dim so you can move around safely without waking up the sleeping baby.

Finally a chair of some kind is not a bad idea so you can take a load off while feeding or putting your baby to sleep.

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