How will subscribing to save me money?

We hope to save you money in several ways.
A. We will try and offer coupons on our site to save you money on everyday parenting purchases.
B. Give advice on what products to buy or more importantly on products not to buy to save you money.
C. Teach you to evaluate your child’s health better and give ways to self-treat to decrease the number of doctor visits needed and save money on co-pays.

How long is a lifetime subscription good for?

It will be good as long as the website exists. It’s hard to predict the lifespan of the Internet or my lifespan for that matter, but it will last as long as we can keep the site up and there is someone to pay the yearly fees.

How many devices can I use to log-on to the website with a single subscription?

Our site is set-up to look right on all different sizes of devices, but is limited to four different devices (be careful who you share your password with…they may keep you from being able to get an answer quickly).

What makes Dr. James qualified to give advice to parents?

Well I have been in pediatrics for the last 19 years, but I do have some additional qualifications. I have a medical degree, completed a residency in pediatrics, I am board certified in pediatrics, created a website on vaccines for patients and doctors to use and authored a parenting book, “A First Time Parent’s Survival Guide: A How-To-Manual For the First Two Years.

Can I ask questions to Dr. James directly?

Not at this time, but who knows in the future. You are more than welcome to move to Oak Ridge, TN and become his patient, but his wife refuses to let him spend any extra time working. Feel free to go to the Kids Central Pediatric Facebook site to see what he is up to on a daily basis.

Are these all the videos there are going to be?

Not by a long shot. We have 300 videos planned so far and we are sure we will get requests for more along the way. We will be adding new videos weekly and updating videos as things change in the way we practice pediatrics.

How do your contests work for scholarships?

During the set time of a scholarship contest, every referral code used counts toward your total. The person who signs up the most people will get all the money paid in subscriptions that used their code. We assign $90.00 for a lifetime subscription, $60.00 for an annual subscription and $7.50 for a month-to-month subscription and none for free trials. The money is then set-aside in a fund that is in the winners name but managed by the owners of The money can be drawn out as scholarships paid directly to schools of your choice. We do not limit this scholarship to only your children or only to universities. This money can be used to send mom and dad back to school, used at trade schools or even private elementary or high schools. Any interest accumulated during the interval between the contest and the scholarship payout is the property of Anyone who does not win during the contest period is still paid the $5.00 per referral, therefore there are really no losers.

Do you take requests for video topics or Why? Letter topics?

Yes!  Feel free to send us a comment on the contact page or go to our Facebook page, and put in a comment on a post asking for a specific comment.  Trust me, I read them all.  No promise as to when I will get to it and I give preference to the topics that interest me most.

Why did you do this project?

I really thought it was a good idea. It has been a lot of hard work and a huge investment in time and money, but I really think it will help parents. I hope it will help you.

What is your favorite color?

It’s blue! I’m sure everyone put that question at the top of their list.

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your free trial subscription before the end of the seven days and you can cancel if you elect to pay month to month, but we do not give refunds on annual or lifetime subscriptions. We are betting you are going to want to stay on and check in frequently as we will be adding new content weekly.

How does the referral program work?

Hopefully very easy for all of us. When you subscribed to the website your were given a code that is unique to you. Just convince people to subscribe to our website, but make sure they enter your code in the referral box. Every time a subscription has your referral code on it we send you $5.00. If you have 100 people sign up with your code we will give you a bonus of $100.00 and if you have 1000 subscribers with your code we will send you a $1000.00 bonus. There is no limit to the amount of money you can earn if you so desire.

Is this a pyramid scheme?

Absolutely not!  You will never get rich or probably make any real money off our referral program.  I would hope that you will share our hack videos and you can get some of your subscription money back and I hope to be able to give some families scholarships throughout the year, but this was never designed to be a get rich proposition.  I just like the idea of word of mouth advertising and giving back to the people who believe in what we have put out.