Accidentally Injuring Your Child

We always try to keep out children as safe as we possibly can.  We try to baby proof, buy the safest products and are always careful who we trust them around.  The problem is that often the person who is going to hurt them is us as the parents.  The important thing to remember is […]

Why Letter: Why I hate Teething Tablets

I can’t speak for every doctor but I know that all of the “good doctors” I know hate teething tablets. I consider myself a good doctor and I know I don’t like teething tablets so I’m going to assume that’s a good enough reason for everyone else to dislike them as well. To be honest […]

The Why Letter- Nose Bleeds

Why does my child keep getting nosebleeds? To quote Mel, my Physician’s Assistant who’s a boxing enthusiast, “Because he doesn’t keep his hands up.” There are lots of reasons that a nosebleed may begin. However, nose bleeds (epistaxis for the medical snobs) are most commonly caused by trauma. The trauma can range from gentle scratching, […]

The Why Letter- Strep Throat

Swamp-toed, web-footed disease is a condition which requires immediate action before irreparable damage can set in. Some believe its effects set in just as fast as strep throat. I’m sure you’ve thought about becoming swamp-toed as frequently as you’ve wondered why we are so scared of strep throat. In just a couple of days a […]

Why Letter: Why Give Your Child Multivitamins

Delivered by a parent with instant accusation, “Why do I need to give my child a multi-vitamin?” “I don’t have any idea, why?” was the only response I could muster. As the conversation weaved around the horror of life without a multi-vitamin the accompanying guilt and anger was triggered by advertisers and marketers not doctors. […]

Why Letter #18 Why do Bad Things Happen to our kids

A parent’s plan for their children are by design and we don’t like a lot of variation from the plan. However, there are moments when the wheels fall off the wagon and plans take a sudden turn and we’re faced with a death, injuries, illness, financial problems or whatever the trial de jour might be. […]

The Why Letter #17 Fevers at night

As a pediatrician the question, “Why do they always get fever at night?” is heard frequently. Other than your child’s prankster heart knowing the doctor’s office is closed at 3am and how much you love to worry there is an actual reason why a temperature will spike in the wee hours. We all know that […]

Why Letter #15: Cancer

I will admit I completely changed my mind about this Why Letter. I read a post by my sister Kandi this morning and decided to just steal it and use it as my Why Letter. Why would I do such a thing? Well, I figured if I had to start off the day crying like […]