Baby Crib Tent Safety net


PERFECT BABY SAFETY PALACE-  Our crib netting will provide you and your baby a yawning consolation by knowing that your child is safe while sleeping. The baby crib tent’s stocky and strapping material is made of see-through mesh. It is 4.2×2.3×4.6 inches wide in size, enough for intense slumber

EASY AIR-CIRCULATION TROUGH MESHIER NET – Crib tent for toddlers’ vast internal space and meshier stuff allow proper air-circulation that keeps the baby ventilated all around. It also protects the baby from flies and mosquitoes

INSTANT POP-UP– Baby crib safety tent durable style with premium quality design keep baby away from climbing. You can remove its cover as well. Just detach the strap of the package and the mesh crib tent will be automatically released. Then you can connect it with a side strap without any gadget

EASY TO WASH- Crib tent canopy soft material is hand-washable. You can air-dry it for a few minutes. As it is foldable and comes within a packing bag, you can use it for long-term goals. Keep up with baby hygiene

USAGE –You can use this Baby crib safety pop-up tent to keep safe your little one from insects like flies or mosquoties as a mosquito net for the baby crib. It creates a trouble-free environment for working parents at home. You can gift crib tents to keep toddlers in to somebody at the baby shower etc